Friday, November 25, 2011


OK, so obviously it's been forever since I have blogged, and most likely nobody will read this, because I am not going to post it to Facebook and announce to the world to come read this because this is meant to be therapeutic for me, but might not be great for anyway, today is my list of "don'ts"

1. Don't schedule an appointment at another bridal store while you are still standing in mine.
2. Don't purchase a sample sale dress and as you are paying for it ask if you can have more off the dress since it's your second wedding.
3. Don't say you are coming in for a "retro, Jacki O" look if you have no idea what that actually means.
4. Don't even try on a dress that is out of your budget if you know there is no way you can pay for it...that's why we tell you how much it is BEFORE it even makes it in the fitting room.
5. Don't tell a bride that she looks like a "short pudgy girl" in a dress, even if she does (which she DIDN'T!)
6. Don't keep telling me that you are coming back to purchase your dress if you have already bought one somewhere else....really, I am just happy that you found one and I don't want to keep calling you either!

That's it for today.....oh and in case anybody does read this, and couldn't figure it out by my post, I own a bridal boutique. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

On the road again...

So, not that we are on the road a lot. Actually we pretty much never are, but that is my own other story for which resides a lot of frustration directed at myself, which makes the situation worse, which well it's just like a snowball that turns into an avalanche, but we will save that for another day. So, we leave tomorrow for a two night camping trip to the exotic Quad Cities...woot. Not so excited about the location but am excited about the weekend. We are taking the motorhome for the first time, pack the kiddos and all their stuff (not sure how that all is going to fit) and meeting dad, Jacq, Jonas and Micah up there. I am really excited. We have never done something like this before. However, the problem lies in the packing. I am a list girl, especially when it comes to packing but I just can't make a list. I made a list for all the kitchen stuff we needed. But then I pulled the can of enchilada sauce out of the cabinet and had a mini meltdown (pathetic but true) I forgot to put a can opener on my list. So I had to pull that out. Who thinks of packing a can opener when getting ready to travel?!?! There is SO much more stuff that you have to think about when packing a motorhome. Yikes, hopefully between the three of us being together we will make up for whatever I forget to bring! I will let you know how it goes...